Should You be Using Wraps, Sleeves and Supports in the Gym?

Should You be Using Wraps, Sleeves and Supports in the Gym?

Don’t use wraps and supports till ABSOLUTELY necessary!


This coming from a brand that specialises in Compression gear is counter intuitive but that is really the case!
Its common to see everyone in the box or the gym using wraps and supports especially for the knee and wrists.

Wraps and supports are important but they should not be used indiscriminately.

Its easy to see other athletes use these and follow suit but bear in mind that these are athletes, their training volumes and intensities are really high and for most part they are carrying some injury or the other. 

In case there is no injury - you should not use wraps and supports till the time you are actually in your high % range of the 1RM.

This will ensure that the joints are also building strength along with the muscles. In case you are already used to using them, it is advisable to start your warm up sets and use them for your mid weight ranges slowly getting used to hitting 80-85% weight ranges without them.

In case you are recovering from an injury, it is advisable to use wraps and supports so that joints, ligaments and muscles get adequate support.

Knee Sleeves 5mm or 7mm - For most amateur lifters without any injury 5mm is adequate support. In case you are operating in the 1.3x + bodyweight range of squats and olympic lifts, 7mm is the right one to use.


This is general advise, an athlete should consider comfort and risk before deciding what gear to use.

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