REEBOK GYMBALL Grey - 75cm (RAB-12017GRBL)

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Reebok Gymball - Versatility for improved all-round fitness.

75 cm gym ball suitable for people over 185 cm tall. Gymnastic ball designed for all kinds of movement, strengthening, stretching, corrective, pilates, yoga and rehabilitation exercises. When choosing a ball for your height, it's important that while sitting, the angle between your pelvis and knees is 90 degrees. Innovative design due to the unique structure of the surface, ensuring great comfort during exercise. The Anti-burst technology used prevents the ball from deforming and increases its durability. The set comes with a pump that allows you to inflate the ball quickly and easily.

Exercises with the ball are an ideal solution to increase the effects of daily training. During exercise, different muscle groups are activated that would not be active when exercising on a flat surface. Suitable for squats, back muscle exercises, stretching and many more. Gymnastic ball is a must-have among fitness accessories. Included with the necessary hand pump.


  • High-quality gym ball made of special rubber, thanks to which in the event of a break, the ball does not immediately, and gradually loses air, protecting the exerciser from a sudden fall
  • Hand pump included
  • Grey colour
  • Ball diameter: 75 cm
  • Intended for people over 188 cm tall
  • Maximum user weight: 110 kg

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