Reebok 7mm Training Mat ( RAMT-11014BK ) - BLACK

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Designed for general ground exercise, the 7mm Reebok Fitness Mat has a ridged base to increase stability for stronger workouts. The padded cushioning creates a comfortable surface to work from whilst keeping the mat lightweight, compact and quick to roll away.

Easy to clean with a printed Reebok logo, the 7mm fitness mat is fit for all levels, styles and training types.

  • Specification and Features

    • 173 x 61 x 0.7cm
    • 7mm thick soft cushioning
    • Easy to wash and clean
    • Ideal for ground exercise and general training
    • Lightweight design rolls tight for transport and storage
    • Made from NBR
    • Printed Reebok logo
    • Ridged bottom helps grip the floor and reduce movement

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