MMA Gloves

Mixed Martial Arts amalgamates all the best techniques from the various arts to form one perfect, ever-evolving fighting system.

MMa gloves are different from boxing gloves in that they are smaller, and generally have less padding. They feature open palms, and fingers are covered only to the knuckle area, designed such that fighters can not just strike, but also grapple and apply submission holds.

Some MMA gloves leave the thumb completely uncovered, while some cover the thumb just like the rest of the fingers ; generally weigh four ounces.

MMA Hybrid gloves are used for MMA sparring and grappling. With more padding than traditional MMA gloves, they still have open palms and cover fingers to the knuckle. Mostly used for full sparring, but can be used for all types of training.

The extra padding allows for fighters to go all out in sparring but protect their hands, and also limit the impact of the punches on their sparring partners.

Muay Thai style gloves are a little bit different from regular boxing gloves featuring more of an open palm so fighters can get a better grip in the clinch or thai plum.

It’s always a good idea to ask your instructor what type of gloves they recommend during the different styles of training.

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