The SweatShop 3 Finger Carbon Fiber Leather Gymnastic Hand Grips

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The SweatShop 3 finger Gymnastics Hand Grips are Ideal for Cross Training,Pull ups, Deadlifts, Power lifting, Chest to bar, Toes to Bar, Knees to Elbow , kettle bell swings, gymnastics....and more.

Made from 2mm thick high quality carbon fiber leather for greater durability and wear resistance. Outer non-slip surface offers enhanced grip strength and inner soft texture means reduced abrasion against your palms.

Three-hole finger design increases the area of hand protection against scratches, blisters, and tearing, no matter what sport you are doing.

The open design of The SweatShop Gymnastic Hand Grips keeps hands dry, so you wont struggle with slippery hands on the bar, or struggle with sweaty traditional gym gloves.

Adjustable velcro wraps the grips securely around the wrists.

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