The SweatShop Gymnastic Hand Grips

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Are your hands torn after a tough workout of tons of pull ups?
Are you dreading to hit the bar again with ripped hands?
Protect your palms from rips and tears! With The SweatShopTextured Leather Hand Grips you provide safety and protection for your palms during strenuous high rep pull-ups and other exercises.
Your workouts will last longer- your palms will be safe from blisters and pain, allowing you to continue your workout, whether it is with pull ups, toes to bar, muscle ups, ring dips, Kettlebell swings, or Olympic lifting WODs.
Keep your palms and hands protected and improve your rep count and time without
TIP : Check the Size Guide to get the right size for yourself
Usage Tip : Do not tie the velcro wrap too tight. It is not meant to be wrist support; only to hold the grip in place.

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