The SweatShop Martial Arts Nunchakus (12 inches)

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  • Soft, rubber foam padding makes the nun chakus are safer
  • 12' sticks with a swivel metal chain ensures ease of movement
  • Hollow PVC sticks make it light and easy to handle and safe from causing injury

The nunchaku (Japanese: ヌンチャク Hepburn: nunchaku?, often "nunchuks ", "num-chuk", "danger sticks", "juan-tuo", "chuka sticks" or "chain sticks" in English) is a traditional Okinawan martial arts weapon consisting of two sticks connected at one end by a short chain or rope. The two sections of the weapon are commonly made out of wood or other materials while the link is a cord or a metal chain. The nunchaku is most widely used in martial arts such as Okinawan kobudō and karate, and is used as a training weapon, since it allows the development of quicker hand movements and improves posture. Easily one of the most recognizable karate weapons around, the Nunchaku is one of the first weapons that a budding martial artist wants to get their hands on. But then nobody likes to get hurt, and nunchaku injuries can be particularly rough. These Foam Training Nunchakus are designed with soft, rubber foam padding wrapped around a stiff hollow plastic core. This practice/training nunchaku provides a realistic training weapon that is way more forgiving than real hardwood or solid plastic. This practice Nunchaku is designed to offer something to every martial artist- your first pair of chucks for class or just some safe fun Bruce Lee action around the house to test your natural nunchaku skills.

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