The SweatShop Weightlifting Athletic Grip Tape

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The SweatShop Weightlifting Athletic Tape is a must have accessory for Weightlifters, Powerlifters, Gymnasts, Calisthenics, CrossFit Athletes and other Sports too.

  • Can be used to wrap your thumbs, fingers or wrist to support weak or injured joints or muscles.
  • It assists in hook grip, protects fingers and thumbs, & generally provides relief on raw patches of skin.
  • It does not stick to your skin, leaving wounds protected. Sticks to itself, not to skin or hair.
  • Made of non-woven & breathable material, it can be stretched to almost twice its original length.
  • Semi-elastic properties provide compression without restricting circulation.
  • Premium quality self-adhesive tape stays put during your entire workout; friction, tension, heat & sweat.
  • Easy to tear and apply.
  • Easy to peel off.
  • Can withstand the toughest WODs / weightlifting routines.
  • Works even with gym chalk.
  • Can also be used to secure hot or cold packs against skin.


Each roll is 4.5m in length

Two Width Options      : 2.5cm              | 5cm

Two Colours                : Grey Camo     | Blue Camo

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