Canterbury Vapordri Challenge Jersery

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  • VapoDri technology for Quick dry, Wicks moisture & Boosts evaporation
  • Thermal Regulation
  • Breathable Rugby Fit
  • Embroidered logo

Quick Drying and lightweight, the VapoDri Challenge Rugby Jersey encourages thermal regulation through innovative moisture wicking technology.

With the Loop66 neckline, enhanced strength and superior comfort, paired with the improved bicep stability in the sleeve, this is undoubtedly - the perfect kit bag essential.

Canterbury is the official sponsor of all black New Zealand cricket team and UK rugby team. For over a century Canterbury has dedicated itself to making stylish, crafted products that are built to last. At every stage they have challenged themselves to come up with innovations that make our kit - and sometimes even the game itself - even better. So they study the game forensically, talking to players about what they need and value developing and testing ideas with fanatical precision. This relentless drive has delivered landmark technical innovations: the loop neck, the rubber button, the base layer. Today, they apply this combination of respect for history and forward-looking product development across all of our ranges from casual sportswear to training kit to the elite international rugby strip. They take their responsibility to the game very seriously. Where tradition meets design - that's where you'll find Canterbury.

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