Everlast Resistance Power Band

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Ideal For Speed And Endurance Training, Strengthening, Yoga, Stretching And Conditioning Exercises Strengthens Your Arms, Legs And Core Muscles The Perfect Tool For Adding Resistance To Your Workout

Materials: Made Of Extra Thick, Durable And Soft Latex

Sculpting the body doesn't have to be tedious. Everlast heavy power band conforms to all levels of fitness and gives some extra tension during your workouts. Made of extra-thick, durable and soft latex, this power band will help strengthen and tone all the muscle groups of your body. It gives the same effects you'd get from exercising with free weights, minus the bulky equipment. Keep your routine moderate or Amp it up depending on your choice of exercise.


Everlast Fitness Power band Size-12MM RED 12MM
Everlast Fitness Power band Size-22MM PURPLE 22MM
Everlast Fitness Power band Size-32MM ORANGE 32MM
Everlast Fitness Power band Size-44MM BLUE 44MM
Everlast Fitness Power band Size-65MM BLACK 65MM

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