Reebok Studio Yoga Mat ( RSYG-16024BK ) - 4mm, BLACK

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2 integrated eyelets for easy storage on a Reebok Mat Rack .Durable construction for regular use Offers traction for all yoga postures and prevents slippage. 

The  Reebok Yoga Mat RSYG-16024BK 4mm thick black provides the essential traction and cushioning you need for all postures, allowing you to position yourself as needed with feet firmly planted on the ground.

With a padded yoga mat under you, you can work to improve your balance by sinking your feet just a little to give you more support. In addition, the mat measures 173 cm long, so it is a space large enough for your practice.

- Width: 61 cm 
- Height: 0.4 cm 
- Depth: 173 cm

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