Reebok Step (RAP-11150BL,Blue)

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Introduced to health clubs over 25 years ago, the Reebok Step is the original aerobic platform.

Helping to boost your fitness with full body workouts, the step is suitable for all abilities both in classes and at home.

Allowing you to create dynamic and varied sessions, the sturdy and durable Step features a rubber non-slip surface and gripped feet for a solid workout foundation. Height adjustable to three-positions, you’re able to raise the platform to up the intensity of your training and broaden your exercise capabilities.

Specification and Features

  • Adjustable to 3 different heights: 15, 20, 25cm
  • Ideal for effective cardio exercises and includes workout dvd
  • Reebok step -the popular height-adjustable aerobic step
  • Safe and secure non-slip feet
  • Textured workout surface for additional grip and functionality
  • In-Box Contents: 1 Stepper

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