The Sweatshop 5mm Neoprene Elbow Sleeves

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The SweatShop Neoprene Compression Elbow Sleeve (1 Pair) : 5mm Neoprene Sleeve  provides Support & Compression for Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Crossfit, Functional Fitness training & Sports activities that demand Elbow Mobility.

IMPROVED PERFORMANCE: Whether you're a professional or a rookie athlete, these sleeves optimize your ability to do various exercises and high intensity movements that put strain on your elbows. Provides Compression and stability that doesn’t compromise flexibility and Range of motion.

INJURY PREVENTION: The sleeves reinforce the body's weaker joints, helping you avoid injury and pain. An elbow-sleeve can protect the covered area from various types of injuries such as scratches, bruises, and bumps which you may incur during or outside weightlifting. That is what makes elbow sleeves useful, not just when you are at the gym but even when you are doing any physical activity.

THICK FABRIC BLEND: 5mm Neoprene super thick material Fabric compress creates a sensation of heat by stimulating blood flow circulation, reducing inflammation and speeding up the time it takes to recover, relieving pain from injury and overuse

PAIN RELIEF Whether you're an athlete or not, pain relieving compression comfortably braces the elbow and offers a full range of motion during sports, your weightlifting workout, or leisure time for ultimate protection and relief from tendonitis, tennis & golfers elbow, pain, and edema.

FASTER RECOVERY: If you've suffered an injury, the compression of the sleeves alleviates joint and muscle pain, hastening muscle recovery & rejuvenation. As elbow sleeves can help improve the blood circulation, they also speed up healing of the injured tissues.

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