The SweatShop Kinesiology Athletic Tape

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  • Provides Support and Stability to muscles and joints;without restricting the body’s range of motion
  • Helps the body’s natural healing process ,reduces muscle pain, increases mobility, and enhances athletic performance
  • Helps avoid sports injuries.
  • Can be used by anyone who experiences muscle tension or soreness
  • Make sure the skin is clean and dry. ( Apply tape at least 30 mins before any sweaty or athletic activity.
  • Round every corner when cutting to prevent edges from peeling prematurely. 
  • When applying Tape on a joint, ensure that the joint is in a fully bent position
  • Lastly check that Tape and adhesive is set firmly by pressing the tape & make sure all the edges are down.
Precautions : 
Do not apply kinesiology tape on any skin surface that is damaged or broken
If pain persists; please consult a medical practitioner without delay.

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