The SweatShop Lacrosse Balls

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The SweatShop Lacrosse Ball and Peanut ball make ideal ideal tools for self myofascial release.

With the right technique they work effectively for - trigger point therapy - massage therapy - mobility training and - post work out muscle recovery.

HOW TO USE : Stabilise the movement of the ball against a hard surface ( floor, wall etc ). - Roll the ball against the muscle pressure points you want to massage. - Apply ample pressure to get deep tissue massage - into the muscle the ball has to remain still with optimum pressure for atleast 5 -7 seconds. - Roll back and forth to improve blood circulation. Great for the neck, shoulders, back, chest, piriformis, calves and glutes or anywhere that you have minor aches and pains. Cleaning instruction : Wipe with soft cloth after use for cleaning. Intermittently wash with mild liquid soap.

Made of 100% Natural and eco-friendly rubber

Choose between the following combinations:

1. Package of 1 Lacrosse Ball - Blue

2. Package of 1 Peanut Ball - Black

3. Package of 1 Lacrosse Ball Blue + 1 Peanut Ball Black


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