The SweatShop Sports Safety Glasses

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The SweatShop Unisex Sports Safety Glasses / Goggles have a lightweight design and curved frame for a better anatomical fit.

  • An 8mm thick, soft silicone nose pad for a closer fit and better impact absorption.
  • Hard frame made of Polycarbonate provides full protection and safety for your eyes. 
  • 2cm wide Elastic strap is adjustable to give you a customized comfort fit. 
  • Suitable to protect eyes from fast-moving objects  : Any sport in which balls, racquets or flying objects are present pose a potential for eye injury. (Squash, Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Rugby, Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball, etc.)

Anyone who picks up a ball, bat, racquet or stick wearing protective eyewear for sports pays off in several ways. The risk of eye damage is reduced, and the player's performance is enhanced by the ability to see better. In fact, many athletic and fitness clubs today do not permit their members to participate without wearing proper eye gear.

3 Colors  :   Black, Transparent blue and Transparent gray. 
Lens Width   :  50mm 
Lens Height   :  50mm 
Bridge Width  :  20mm 
Frame size  :  149mm

Package   :  1 x Sports Safety Glasses / Goggles.

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