The SweatShop Strength Wraps (Wrist Support)

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Highly Recommended!

The SweatShop Strength Wraps/ Wrist wraps offer an easy-to-adjust alternative to traditional, bulkier wrist wraps.

The 37" long 3" wide straps come with a simple twist-tight design for fast,custom adjustments.

So,instead of repeatedly wrapping & unwrapping your wrists from one movement to the next, you can just tighten the material for extra firm support on heavier lifts, then loosen it for a little more range of motion on the next.

Whether your focus is Olympic lifting, power lifting or body building the use of quality lifting wraps can help . With better wrist support, you can train longer and experience better cumulative results over time. 

Traditional Velcro Wrist Wraps Vs Strength Wraps : These Strength wrist wraps are designed to be used for movements like snatches, clean & jerks, push press and thrusters which gives your wrist the range of motion needed. In the aforementioned movements your wrists must be able to go into the extension position when completing those movements. The velcro type wrist wraps are geared more for the max bench or max shoulder press movements. They limit your wrist movements and with those types of exercises, wrist extension is not warranted.

How to Use/ Wear The Strength Wraps

  • Grab a wrap and align it so the colored thread is facing the wrist.
  • Wrap itself around your wrist keeping the stitching inline until you reach the end of the wrap. Once you are at the end of the wrap give it a twist to tighten down the wrap. The wrap should be snug but not too tight where it cuts off your circulation.
  • Take the string and just loop it around the wrap and tuck the string under itself several times to secure the wrap. (PLEASE DO NOT PULL THE STRING TO TIGHTEN)
  • You are ready to start lifting! You can tighten and loosen by just twisting clockwise and counter clockwise to your personal preference.

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