The SweatShop Yoga Wheel (Black)

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The Ultimate and Essential Yoga Wheel Prop Open up your chest, back and spine, improve your flexibility, release muscle tension, conquer the most difficult poses and find the confidence to achieve and excel with the The SweatShop Yoga Wheel.

It is the ideal eco-friendly choice with fully injected TPE foam construction throughout which is lightweight, scent-free, natural anti-bacterial properties and leaves less waste than conventional PVC foam materials.

Use The SweatShopTM Yoga Wheel to develop your spine's flexibility and to assist you in your backbend poses. The ideal prop for any location and an essential tool for all aspiring yogis!

Other uses for The SweatShopTM Yoga Wheel include:

Stretch and fully open up your chest, shoulder, back and hips with ease and comfort. Release muscle tension in tight areas in the body after a long day at work. Build core strength through accessory workouts and stretches. Build back strength to accomplish backbend poses with ease. Sculpt and tone your entire body.

Diameter- 32cm height - 13cm | Available in 3 Colours : Pink / Purple / Black | Strong enough to be used by adults or children.

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